The Location Analyzer Tool
For Maps on Real Estate Websites

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Map background image Mapalizer score layer. Collapsed Mapalizer Widget with gray background Mapalizer Widget Categories Tab

The Big Picture

Mapalizer shows which areas are more valuable based on your visitor's choices.

Website visitors will choose which categories they care about.

Mapalizer instantly calculates the score layers according to the selected importance rates and displays the result.

Thus, it is very easy to compare location properties for each real estate at a glance.

Blurred map background image Nearby features/amenities of the selected property. Collapsed Mapalizer Widget Mapalizer Widget Info Tab

Location Features

Mapalizer shows important location features around the selected marker on your map.

Mapalizer collects all location features under 10 main categories for real estate seekers.

You can use Mapalizer as you like because it has many customization options.

Fast setup with your existing map on your website.

Insert Mapalizer script into your web page.

How to Use Mapalizer

Please sign up for a free Mapalizer account.

Add your website to the allowed domains list from your admin panel.

Add the Mapalizer script to the web pages you want to use Mapalizer.

That is all!

Mapalizer Main Features

Works Everywhere

Mapalizer works worldwide, on all platforms, and in all modern browsers.


Mapalizer never uses and never stores private data on your website. It is installed via a secure connection.


Using multiple CDN networks, Mapalizer is faster even than loading map tile images.

Map Libraries

Currently supported libraries include Google Maps, Mapbox, Leaflet, OpenLayers, Yandex Maps and Bing Maps.


You can customize the look and feel to perfectly fit onto your websites. Our designers can help you if needed.


We are support all major languages. Additional languages can be added upon your request.

Mapalizer Plans

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  • 5,000 Views/Month
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Views/Month: Mapalizer widget view count limit per month. If it exceeds, the widget become invisible.
Free Designer & turn-key: Our team will handle all installation and design issues in a week.
Server Installation: We provide custom installation to your server.
Free Support: Our team will help you in a day.